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Andee Young

  • Round Rock, Texas 78681

About Me

I was initially intrigued by oils because I was looking for some natural alternatives to use with my children. They have multiple food allergies and cannot have many medications so I am very cautious about what they can and cannot have. I wanted something that would help support their bodies and allow them to be as healthy as possible.  A friend introduced me to Young Living and I started researching the many companies that were out there because I wanted to make sure that I was comfortable with the products and company. After my research, I decided to go with Young Living because of their transparency in how they do things. Their Seed to Seal process is amazing and I LOVE that I can go and participate in planting, weeding, distilling and more!

Once I began using oils and seeing their results I knew that I couldn't keep quiet and wanted to share essential oils with all of my friends! Teaching classes about oils has caused me to learn more, and the more I learn the more I am fascinated by these miraculous things that God created! I hope that they will bless you as much as they have blessed me!